Why is GCG dominant in the Financial and Grocery Business Market?

GCG is committed to our clients within the food and grocery industry. Our aim is to create strategic alliances with our food retailer clients that enable GCG to provide significant value add programs, including; reduced vendor product costing due to GCG’s bulk sourcing clout. Also, the GCG’s diversity of Retail services, such as the GCG high-tech internet platform, providing enhanced operational efficiencies of platform product selections, product wholesale purchasing, transfer payment solutions, and more. Moreover, the experienced GCG field sales team is well positioned to assist the full requirements of our retail clients. A further support program to complement the GCG services is the GCG Financial Services, including extended payment terms beyond industry norms, line of credit for purchasing needs, and more. Our goal is consistent; to provide our clients with cash flow preservation, cost reductions of product and operational costs, and profit generating initiatives’.

Who benefits from GCG?

Retailers, Food Service Operators, Vendors, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Farmers and Others

What GCG offers to Member Clients?

  • E-commerce Platform (including free e-payment) for all administration from cost data management to sales transactions and tax reporting (essential GCG transaction account data) for all their day to day operations
  • Longer payment terms, better cash flow needs, at no cost to members
  • Improved product costing for improved profit margins, with easier ordering procedures

What are the benefits for our Member Clients?

  • Reduced administrative costs and purchase costs
  • Increase the period of Accounts Receivable (double the current period of accounts receivable)improved Payment Terms
  • Purchasing administration and real-time tracking records
  • Advanced management system access/tools in place to coordinate all purchase/shipment transactions
  • Gives access to same or special sales price points of goods
  • Give flexibility to work with extensive list of Vendors, no longer tied down to single sources due to volume restrictions
  • Increase business efficiencies with GCG’s management systems
  • Cash flow, Cash flow, Cash flow

What GCG offers to VENDORS?

  • E-commerce Platform all administration from sales data monitoring to transaction details such as invoicing, shipping, etc
  • A diversity of financial services, such as Factoring financing, P.O.financing and more
  • No bad debts, GUARANTEED payment terms, secured payments

What are the benefits for our vendors?

  • Sales administration and real-time tracking records
  • Advanced management system in place to coordinate all sales/shipments
  • Provides access to increase market opportunities
  • Reduced administrative/sales costs
  • Consistent and stable A/R management
  • Access to GCG's financial services

Our Promise

Grocer Capital Group is a financial service company and grocer products provider, with the primary focus on providing a business-to-business e-commerce platform to service members in the food and grocery industry. From resources to capital needs, GCG provides the optimum business solution for all members to maintain stability, increase profits, and sustain growth. With our services, we bring all our members together and preserve the ideal business environment for all and among each other; these members include retailers, vendors, producers, and manufacturers.