What GCG offers to Member Clients?

The two overwhelming challenges for any business today are CASH FLOW & PROFIT GENERATION. GCG’s Platform of industry specific Financial Services offer direct impact on positive cash flow – cost reductions – and profit growth.

The ingenuity and innovation of Grocer Capital Group’s Financial support programs is unmatched in Canada.

A/R Financing (Factoring)

Convert your aging Accounts Receivables into immediate CASH with GCG’s A/R Financing

Joint Venture Partnership Strategies

Know your Strategic Options

E-Commerce Platform Service

Free EFT (electronic funds transfer) to all GCG vendors and clients

Mezzanine Financing (Short-term and Overdraft Funding)

Reports show that more companies opted for this type of financing than traditional bank loans

Virtual Card Payment

Works like a credit card – but without the traditional plastic card