business is done by people, with people, for people

While Grocer Capital Group is proud of its technological platforms and innovative service offerings, business is done by people, with people, for people. At the heart of GCG is a team of skilled professionals who pride themselves on matching our valued members with the proper tools to enable them to succeed.

Steve Guagliano

Former & Retired Chief Executive Officer

Steve has been involved in the world of business and finance for over 35 years. His extensive sales experience has focused on wholesale sales development and relationship building throughout the Americas and International markets. As GCG’s corporate CEO, Steve is well positioned to lead the GCG team and its business profile, incorporating the supply of Grocery Products & Financial Services to the wholesale marketplace,including both Retail & Food Service segments.

It is Steve’s belief that in order to best serve the GCG clientele, which includes both the suppliers to GCG as well as its re-seller clients in retail & food service - it is essential that the Grocer Capital Group business profile incorporate within its products and services offerings, both innovative and creative components of doing business that brings forth clear and concise added value that is un-matched. Additionally, the strength, diversity and conviction of those within the GCG team and their combined professional talents, is instrumental as one creative professional machine that drives GCG and its clientele forward efficiently and successfully.

Peter Sgarbossa

VP, Sales Development

Peter is a business leader with over 30 years of experience in Food Retailing, both Corporate and Franchise environments. His expertise includes all aspects of grocery retailing including long and short term strategic planning, store development, merchandising, operations, people leadership and finance. Peter has great passion for the business and his focused area of interest with our Grocer Capital Group clients will include the development of strategic business plans that provide added value for the client. Achieving these strategies requires inspiration, motivation and clearly defined sales and operational procedures. Under Peter’s team leadership, these strategies are implemented daily with GCG clients.

Tony Jiang, CPA, CA, LPA, MBA, CISA

Chief Financial Officer

Tony brings to GCG over 25 years of intense finance and accounting experience. Versatile in all areas of finance, including financial services, e-technology and business to business custom finance designs, Tony will be an integral value-add to our GCG clients in both Food Service and Retail, as well as GCG’s Joint Venture Custom Partnership & Investment Strategies programs.

Zenger Zeng Ph.D.

Chief Strategy Officer

As GCG’s Chief Strategy Officer, Zenger provides the corporate governance and diligent review analysis to the CEO and GCG executive team, as it relates to the secure development, strategy formulation and execution of GCG’s corporate initiatives. Zenger holds a PHD; Professor of Business Management and has many years of successful experience as chief strategist and business consultant representing numerous internationally renowned private and public corporations.

Duncan Ma Ph.D.

VP of Technologies

Duncan has over 20 years of experience in Information services and technologies. Under his leadership, the GCG Technology team employs cutting edge technologies, designed, customized and integrated on-line portal systems specifically for the Food & Grocery industry. Its Platform provides enormous versatility and diversity for our clients from payment services to e-commerce for volume purchase. The GCG e-Commerce platform provides our suppliers (vendors) and clients (re-sellers, grocery stores, food service, etc) with a path to significant cost saving and business efficiencies.

Executive Sales Team

As with all businesses, the essence and spirit of success relies heavily on the innovation and creativity of the business profile. Additionally, and just as importantly, the business must rely on the strength, diversity, experience and conviction of its Sales Team. It is essential that the people in the field, representing the mutual best interests of our clients and our company, be individuals of high standard and integrity and able to succinctly express and articulate the Grocer Capital Group story. We are proud of our Sales Team and the successful results are indeed confirmation that our GCG message is being expressed to our growing clientele.

Finance and Accounting

The GCG Finance and Accounting team, are led by an experienced CFO who heads a team of accounting managers, risk assessment managers and credit and control specialists; all with the aim of providing our clients with extensive management support. The GCG financial services, including the free $60,000 line of credit, the extended payment terms, annual rebates and other financial services, are all managed carefully and securely for mutual success and efficiencies.

Investment Strategy Department

GCG recognizes how hard it is to make business profitable, it takes time, perseverance and conviction. The GCG Platform is certainly there to assist and support every step of the way. A recent growth initiative of GCG has been the development of the GCG Investment Strategy Program; an expanded opportunity to grow your wealth. The choices you make today play an important role to your financial future. When you invest with Grocer Capital Group, your funds are deposited into a secure Trust Account and unencumbered, allowing growth with exceptional returns. GCG’s safe investment strategy formula has protection for our investor clients with the number one priority; your Principal & Interest are 100% secure, including 95% Insurance coverage by Atradius credit Insurance N.V., which is one of the world’s leading credit insurance companies, and the remaining 5% balance secured by GCG.